Was this the first time that I went for a walk late at night with a guy?
Was this the first time I was on call all day with a guy?
Was this the first time I enjoyed all meals , just with that one special guy?
Was this the first time I didn’t have a count of the cups of coffee I had with that guy?
Certainly not. This wasn’t the first time.
Remember when that guy was my classmate?
When that guy was someone on a video call who never let me feel the distance between us?
When that guy came out from his college gate and smiled the moment he saw me?
If now, while reading all this there is someone I regret leaving behind, it’s the one who held me when I shifted to another city and left that classmate of mine behind.
It’s the one who kept me strong when the number of video calls started reducing.
It’s the one who put my broken pieces together everytime I crossed that college gate, and saw him.
That one person knew my inner child. The child who’d become happy on small things, cry on seeing failed relationships, and also commit mistakes because of my impulsive nature. This person is my strength, my shield, who can surely get me through anything and the one I can fall back upon. We often take such people for granted.

What if this one person leaves?
What if you break down someday and you don’t have this one person to reach out to?
This is for the one I lost while trying to get hold of others.
Thanks for teaching me so much about myself. No experience, no mistakes, no other person could’ve done this so perfectly. I hope ten years down the line, I make you proud of myself and I will undoubtedly owe it to you. I’m sorry for not keeping you close to myself when I should’ve actually treasured you.
I just wanted you to know, that unlike others, I just didn’t have you, I EARNED YOU.


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