With the connectivity that this world has given us, we have somewhere lost the connectivity with ourselves. We are scared of getting bored or staying alone. However, we don’t realize how important it is to STAY ALONE than to be lonely.

Sometimes, it can be disturbing to introspect and to face our doubts, hopes and feelings but its surely better than unknowingly escaping them. In today’s world, when we have parts of ourselves involved in almost hundred different places simultaneously, it becomes extremely important to understand how solitude can work wonders for us to know ourselves. All the technologies that were meant to set us free eventually keep us away from ourselves. The noises of the world will never be able to silence the chaos within us, only solitude can.

Our anxiety, impatience and so much more that holds us back is somewhere related to our FEAR OF NOTHINGNESS. Just BEING and not DOING seems dangerous to us. When we get to surround ourselves with moments of solitude and stillness and moments just spent with ourselves, we get a better clarity of how we actually want things to be and not how they just are.

You need to hear yourself. Face yourself. Understand yourself. Help yourself. Because if you can’t, nobody can!!

Solitude may not be the solution to everything, but it can surely be a great start. You shouldn’t lose contact with yourself. Be in touch. This is one skill nobody will ever be able to teach you.


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