I’m a 20 year old girl, I have witnessed this country go through great changes and transformations in just these two decades. We have adapted to new developments and variations and somehow managed to cope up with them.

But If you ask me, what is that one thing that we have lost on our way to becoming this country is, respect. I don’t even remember when did we last do justice to this word without adding any prefixes to it and putting it to use.

I am a girl, a daughter of an army officer, a voter and I live alone in a city. Every word that gave me an identity in the last sentence, also contained a fear of each kind attached to it.

We have come down to become a nation, where people don’t want to respect other genders. We don’t want to respect the system or the rules or regulations. We don’t want to respect the Defence forces, we don’t want to help others,  rather we want to question every person’s  position  and power. We don’t want to save or nurture the environment. We don’t want people to think and express themselves and make this country as claustrophobic as we can for them. We say we want to honor great men by making marvelous structures, but we are far from creating a nation that they once wanted to see.

But we do want to crib about everything. Because that is the easiest to do.

Every morning when I read the headlines, I feel so let down and disappointed.

Women are not safe.

Children are not safe.

Men are not safe.

Other genders are looked down upon.

Defence forces are disrespected.

Women’s rights are violated.

Crime rate has reached the sky.

Intolerance is at its peak.

Terrorism is the new religion.

Temples and mosques are no longer places of worship, rather used to show superiority.

Where are we leading to? What it the ultimate goal?

People are protesting and creating a havoc because they don’t want menstruating women to enter the temples. Army jawans are stoned to death, not once, but everyday. Every political leader is attacking the other and  misusing power. Women and rape have become synonyms. Young minds are brainwashed and put against their own nation.  Where is the peace, tolerance and respect that we write in books about?

Pollution is no longer restricted to the atmosphere but has reached the minds of the people too.

We don’t want to make this place better for the ones who gave us birth. We don’t want to respect the forces that stood by us and protected us irrespective of any political party in power. We want to put every religion against the other and gain benefits. We want to build temples and mosques not because we want to worship God, but, we want to stop the other religion from doing so.

As we say, in international relations, every nation is a threat to another. But, at present, we see no threat from any other nation but our own. Before any nation, every person has become a threat to another. We celebrate important historical dates to pay respect to our nation, its leaders and others, but we’re disappointing them in every sense.

The only religion that this world needs is Humanity. The only goal every nation should follow is peaceful coexistence. Let us  practice that. Let’s make this world a better place to be in and be proud of. Let’s first acknowledge and respect each one of us who are a part of this process and only then can the end result be achievable. It looks like we need a restart button. We need to begin from scratch, understand how everything came into existence, how female is another gender and not something inferior to men, how love is a feeling and can happen between anyone irrespective of gender, how we need to respect people who keep their lives on stake and protect us. There’s so much that we’ve lost on our way to becoming this society that we are today. Let’s correct a few things that do have a very large impact on us and everything around. Let’s begin from the start and become better humans and then someone else. Let’s follow the religion of humanity without fighting over building of temples or mosques. Let’s deal with societal problems without any political blame games. Let’s honor the ones who died for this nation not just on one particular date, but everyday.

Published by Navya Singh



  1. Hello Navya,

    A good post. A thought provoking post. A right post for resorting to the collectives – we and us.

    As you alluded to – the problem and solution lies with the person in the mirror, I reckon.

    What have you done today, what have I done today – to make my country, and by extension the world, a better place for our fellow human beings?

    Start small and build up – start with these:

    Every morning without fail I greet my loved ones with a cheerful smile.

    I also greet my house-maid with a ready smile and respectfully too – no such things as “Hi!” or “Hey!”. I call her by name – she is a person.

    And I also greet and give a smile to the rubbish collector and road sweeper – everyday and every time I meet them.

    All this spreads a little cheer and respects people – and makes me happy too. It sets the stage for the rest of my day.

    What have you done today – I pose this question to the person in the mirror. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.


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    1. This makes me so happy!
      I really hope people start paying attention to such small gestures and how they have a large impact on the society. I am so glad that you pointed these out here. Thank you so much!

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  2. Some powerful thoughts you have shared with your audience, Navya. It’s encouraging to see. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the follow on I Write Her. I do hope you will enjoy my future writings. I’m looking forward to reading more of yours too. 🙂

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  3. People like you are actually wanted by the nation to be developed , being a daughter of airforce officer even i feel the same ! The nation needs a restart button !! Great work !!!👌👌👌

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  4. Thank you for writing a piece we need to hear. Without our sisters writing from inside their own communities we cannot get any message out – and yours is important not because of where you are but because this piece could have been written about any community on the globe. Thank you 🙏🏼
    Reblogged on Divine Feminine Tribe


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