Remembering the heroes of 1993 Mumbai blasts

Saluting the brave hearts of 26/11

Paying tribute to 2001 parliament attack survivors and casualties



So many dates, so many people, so many posts everyday for them!

Every day we share so many different thoughts and pictures on social media expressing our sorrow of losing the brave hearts who died serving our country or left us because of unfortunate and catastrophic mishappenings. But have you ever thought of what you would have to say to any one of them if they ever returned to this world?

What have you actually done to pay respect to their lives that they sacrificed for our country expecting us to be safer, better and more responsible. Are we really the ones they felt proud to have a sense of belonging to? Would any one of them be proud of all that we have become now? What is the point of all the death anniversaries and tributes that we pay to them when we have just made this country worse and even more vulnerable. We might have various technologies and strategies to protect this dynamic nation of ours but the threat lies within the nation. How would you ignore or avoid that?

Take for instance, any group or contingent is strong and powerful if every person is committed and dedicated for its growth. But even the strongest becomes vulnerable on getting betrayed by its own members. We create war memorials, we build statues, we dedicate special dates and also give speeches with so much grief on losing all those who died protecting this nation in some way or the other. But does any one of us have the guts or the strength to say that we have created a nation that all those brave hearts once wished to have or have we become tolerant, stronger and safer? Which side does the graph move when we talk about this nation’s actual progress and development?

There was a time we were scared of terrorists, other nations and wars.

And then its 2018, where we’re scared of our own neighbors more than the neighboring countries, we are scared to give a voice to our thoughts and opinions, we are scared of practicing our own religion, we are scared of leaving our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters alone anywhere, we are scared of standing up against anything wrong, we are scared of our own representatives, our politicians and everyone around. Because of these fears, we have somewhere become selfish and just care about our survival thereby threatening someone else’s.

We have reached a point where we can see more of war memorials and deaths and less of peaceful coexistence. We have let each one of those selfless and dedicated souls of this nation who, irrespective of cast, creed and culture, fought for us till their very last breath and also left us, thinking we were responsible enough to take care of this nation. They thought this nation was as much ours as it was theirs. And we have proven them wrong time and again. We have managed to create differences between cultures, even languages and also successfully put one against the other. We hold no sense of unity or belongingness to this nation because we think everything that this nation has ever given to us is not worth respecting. We only function on disrespect, whether it is towards the nation, culture or even gender.

So congratulations to all of you, who have successfully managed to dig a grave for all of us and this beautiful nation which was once the home to all brave hearts we write statuses for.

But will this change? NO.

2019 elections again will begin with every speech paying respect to all the soldiers and heroes of our nation and then letting them down every day. We will hear politicians promising to make taller and taller statues and paying respect to people who gave their lives to this nation but in reality, we don’t even respect the forces and neither are we doing enough for them. The statues and memorials are growing in numbers but the nation is breaking into even bigger pieces. This is not what paying tribute is. This is not what they want. This is not what they died for. Before talking about how big a loss it was to lose such fighters, we need to create a nation worth dying for. We need to create a nation one feels proud to belong to. The day we manage to create such a nation will be the day we wouldn’t need to build memorials, nor put up posts for them. It will be in our hearts and trust me, it will be much more than just writing or talking about it because even words will not be able to do justice to that great feeling.


Published by Navya Singh


10 thoughts on “WAR, WITH OR WITHIN?

  1. Well said, Navya, I think this is a world-wide problem.
    We pay only lip service to those who died, create monuments of stone, when the real monument should be a better country, a better world for ourselves and our children.
    But greed, revenge and religious bigotry all seem more important.
    Keep writing, if one person is touched then you have succeeded.
    Thank you for following Sound Bite Fiction.
    Did you read my Book of War?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I believe the same.. if my words can bring a change into one person’s life .. I’m more than lucky! Also, I’d love to read your piece.. Book of war.. will surely get back to you after reading it


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