There will always be a feeling associated with everything you do. There will always be a part of you that you lose or sometimes even find in everything you do. The kind of music you listen to, the kind of movies you choose to watch, the kind of activities that you like, all these choices make who you are. They define you.

To me, more than anything else, writing has successfully shaped who I am today. Whatever I write has an opinion of my own, a thought of my own and somewhere also reflects my experiences. Many a times, I feel whatever I write won’t do justice to what has been in my head for so long, but such pieces often give voices to someone else who has been through the same and was unable to express it all this while. It is beautiful to know when your words become someone else’s thoughts and unknowingly shape their experiences.

Writing might have started out as something I did for myself. But seeing the impact it has on people, how it helps them learn, grow and solve the mysteries of their life, I now want to write to fulfill that purpose. Many a times, what I write might be something very simple for me but not for a reader. There will be one person who can associate with all my words very well and see a reflection of their lives in those words. It is beautiful when they appreciate my writings and also share a sense of relief thinking that there is someone sharing the same thoughts as they do.

To me, writing will always be something extremely sacred and precious because it provides me with a space to be transparent, honest and confident. It makes sure I vent out everything that I have inside me. It helps me simplify all that I fail to understand in this chaotic world. It makes me realize what my responsibilities are and what I can do with them and it is great for others to read it and practice them.

I have been able to write more lately, because I gather encouragement from how much people resonate to what I write. Now, when I have a blog and I put up writings for the world to read, it is not just a learning experience for the readers but for me as well. At the end of every post of mine, I have a stand and an opinion of my own on anything that I write.

The power of word is immense. It can build your thoughts and also destroy them. Words have now become containers for me.They are now empowered to carry my feelings and emotions.

We all have a world which is in a mess, trapped inside us. To get rid of that, we need something that sets us free. Today when I am tensed about getting a job, scoring decent grades in college and so much more, the only thing that keeps me going is writing. To me, this blog or any sheet of paper that I write on, has become a very comfortable place where I can think, feel and express what I want to. I have faith in my writing and that helps me share my feelings fearlessly. This sense of belongingness that I share with writing is beautiful.

I urge everybody to begin with writing the most honest thing you can and see what it leads to. Let words make your head a little less unpleasant. Whatever you write will always remain with someone, no matter how long it has been. Whenever you finish writing anything, you will find a new perception to this life and that is how you grow. There will always be a small change that you will contribute to with your writing. It might sometimes be restricted to just an individual, or sometimes even a revolution. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, you will always have a story to tell and something to share. Never keep it inside you. Your words have power, use them to make others powerful.


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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    A beautiful endorsement of the written word!


    1. Navya Singh says:

      Thank you so much.


  2. Khushi says:

    Thats what writing is all about ! It comes with thoughts ! Its not that how well you can build beautiful sentences or phrases , it just that how well you share your feelings with everyone !!! Writing is passion…… and you just poured the facts about writing ….. really amazing !!


    1. Navya Singh says:

      Well said. Thank you so much.


      1. Khushi says:

        Its alright !☺️


  3. Love this, and it resonated with me tremendously! I’ve been writing since the age of 14, and I’ve always felt the urge to share my work with the world, but I was always afraid of other’s opinions of me. It wasn’t until people started to read my books, poetry and daily quotes, and often told me how I helped them through their situations, that I began to write more and ultimately create my own inspirational website.

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    1. Rakkelle says:

      I just wrote the same thing, well not the same thing but I used the same word – “resonate”. 🙂


  4. Rakkelle says:

    This really resonates with me. I feel the same way.


    1. Navya Singh says:

      Thank you so much. I am glad people can relate to my writings.

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  5. Nice write up 😊 Thanks for following btw! 😊

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  6. janamariaart says:

    First of all, thank you for following me! Inspiration has been absent for awhile, but your writing inspires me to share more of my story without fear of being self-absorbed. So thank you!


    1. Navya Singh says:

      I’m glad I could motivate you. Thank you so much.


  7. ashmjack42 says:

    Words are so powerful! I love the encouragement to be genuine in my writing. I need to remember to be myself, and trust that the reader will take from it what they will. Thanks!


    1. Navya Singh says:

      I’m glad my writing could bring a difference and motivate others 🙂 thank you!


    2. Navya Singh says:

      Let’s keep writing and inspiring othrrs

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