We want to write about who we love, who we hate, what we do, what we want and so much more. Why not about our body? More than our choices, our actions and everything around us, our bodies are a reflection of who we are. It is important to respect our body and give it the love that it demands and also deserves. What we put our body through is what it reflects and shows. What you believe about your body, your organs, your scars, your beauty, everything is what it shows on the outside.
Don’t hate those stretch marks because someone pointed them out to you.
Don’t force yourself to lose that belly fat because someone said it looks ugly.
Don’t scrub those acne everyday because someone said they shouldn’t be there.
Don’t use fairness creams because being fair is equivalent to being beautiful.
Love your body. Love every inch of it. It is who you are and it is BEAUTIFUL!
All this while, you’ve worked hard and tried to become someone who is acceptable by everyone. This time,try loving yourself for how you are once and see how your body reciprocates with all the love. What you feel about yourself is what you make it feel.
Take care of your body because you want to. Try fitting into different sizes because you want to. Beauty is all about feeling comfortable in your skin and your body. The day you love and respect it for what it is, no external factor shall ever be able to make you feel bad about it. Listen to your body. Pay attention to its WANTS and DESIRES. It will always guide you in the right direction.
What you want to eat should not be decided by the scales.
What you want to wear should not be decided by your inches.
We have hated our bodies all this while because we were taught to. What needs to change is not our bodies but thoughts. Before giving that unconditional love to someone else, give it to yourself and your body. Let your beautiful thoughts build and nurture your body, not your complexities and negative beliefs. After all, only you can design yourself, because only you have that power to give yourself that love.

Published by Navya Singh



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